Parkinson’s/ Neurodegenerative Disorders

Welcome to Socal Brain and Spine Center, where we specialize in alleviating symptoms associated with neurodegenerative disorders, mainly Parkinson’s disease. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing comprehensive care to help you find relief, understand your symptoms, and give you lasting relief.

Understanding Parkinsons and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s, are conditions where nerve cells progressively deteriorate, leading to cognitive and motor function decline. Parkinson’s, for instance, results from the loss of dopamine-producing neurons in the brain, causing symptoms like tremors and movement difficulties. These disorders, including dementia and ALS, have no cure, but by collaborating with us, we can alleviate our patients’ symptoms and enhance their ability to carry out daily activities, ultimately providing an improved quality of life.

What We Do For Parkinsons and Neurodegenerative Disorder Care?

What We Do For Parkinson’s and Neurodegenerative Disorder Care?

Comprehensive Examination: Our experienced medical professionals will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the underlying causes of your migraines or headaches. We do this by utilizing gold-standard diagnostic equipment like Video Head Impulse Testing (vHIT), Infrared goggle eye-tracking tests, Computerized Posturography, and a thorough Physical/Neurological examination. We may also run specialized blood work and/or hormone panels to get a clearer picture of what is causing your headaches.

Specialized Therapies: We understand that every patient is different. Your treatment plan will be tailored to address your specific symptoms and triggers. This can include cognitive therapy, neuro rehab, visual/vestibular rehab, balance therapy, electrical stimulation, low-level laser therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and the use of professional-grade nutraceuticals.

Signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease:

  • Tremors: Trembling or shaking of the hands, fingers, or other body parts, especially when at rest.
  • Bradykinesia: Slowness of movement, which can make everyday tasks more challenging.
  • Rigidity: Stiffness and resistance in the muscles, leading to reduced range of motion and muscle pain.
  • Postural Instability: Difficulty maintaining balance and an increased risk of falling.
  • Akinesia: Reduced ability to initiate voluntary movements.
  • Freezing of Gait: Momentary, involuntary pauses or “freezing” during walking.
  • Micrographia: Handwriting may become smaller and more difficult to read.
  • Masked Face: Reduced facial expressions, often appearing as a “mask-like” face.
  • Speech Changes: Softer, slower, or slurred speech, known as hypophonia.
  • Loss of Smell: Many individuals with Parkinson’s experience a diminished sense of smell.
  • Non-motor symptoms: These can include depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, constipation, and cognitive changes, among others.
Signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Why Choose Us?

Although there is no cure to these disorders, we can work with you to improve your symptoms and give you the relief you have been seeking. Contact Socal Brain and Spine Center today to schedule a consultation. Our team is here to provide you with the highest standard of care and guide you to a better life.