functional neurology

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What Functional Neurology Offers:

Functional neurology, also known as clinical neurology or chiropractic neurology, is a branch of healthcare that focuses on assessing and treating neurological conditions and imbalances through non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical methods. Functional neurologists are typically chiropractors or medical doctors with additional training in neurology.
The key principles of functional neurology include:

Neuroplasticity: Functional neurologists believe that the brain has the capacity to reorganize and adapt, a concept known as neuroplasticity. They use various techniques to stimulate specific areas of the brain to encourage this adaptability.

Assessment: Functional neurologists conduct detailed neurological examinations to identify any abnormalities or imbalances in brain function. They may use techniques such as eye movement analysis, balance assessments, and muscle strength testing.

Treatment: Once they have identified areas of concern, functional neurologists use a variety of therapies and exercises to address these issues. These treatments can include specific eye exercises, vestibular rehabilitation, sensory stimulation, and other targeted interventions.

Holistic Approach: Functional neurology often takes a holistic approach, considering how various factors like nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental influences can impact brain health and function.

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