Welcome to SoCal Brain and Spine Center, where we provide specialized care for individuals experiencing dizziness, vertigo, and balance-related symptoms. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to identifying the causes of your dizziness and bringing you the relief you have been seeking.

Vertigo: This is a spinning or whirling sensation as if you or your surroundings are moving or rotating when they are not. Vertigo is often caused by issues in the inner ear or the vestibular system, which controls balance.

Floating Sensation: Some people describe feeling as if they are floating or swaying when they are standing or walking.

Understanding Dizziness and Vertigo

Dizziness is a term used to describe a range of sensations related to a disturbed sense of balance and spatial orientation. It’s a common symptom that many people may experience, and it can manifest in several ways, including:

Lightheadedness: Lightheadedness is a feeling of near-fainting or nearly passing out. A drop in blood pressure, dehydration, or various medical conditions can cause it.
Unsteadiness: This is feeling off-balance or unsteady on your feet without a clear spinning sensation. It can result from various factors, including musculoskeletal problems, neurological issues, or medication side effects.

Dizziness can have numerous underlying causes, ranging from benign issues like dehydration or low blood sugar to more serious conditions such as inner ear disorders, vestibular disorders, or neurological problems.

Disorders we have helped with our care:

  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
  • Cervicogenic Dizziness
  • Vestibular Migraine
  • Vestibular Neuritis/Labyrinthitis
  • Meneire’s Disease
  • Mal de Debarquement
  • Head Trauma

What We Do For Dizziness and Vertigo Care?

Dizziness and vertigo can be debilitating and exhausting, affecting your daily life and well-being. At Socal Brain and Spine Center, we offer a comprehensive approach to address these issues, including:

Comprehensive Examination: Our experienced medical professionals will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the underlying causes of your dizziness or vertigo. We do this by utilizing gold-standard diagnostic equipment like Video Head Impulse Testing (vHIT), Infrared goggle eye-tracking tests, Computerized Posturography, and a thorough Physical/Neurological examination.

Specialized Therapies: Once we identify the causes of your dizziness or vertigo, we develop a personalized treatment plan to address the root causes and alleviate symptoms. Our goal is to help you regain your equilibrium and reduce or eliminate the dizziness you are feeling. We do this through therapies such as vestibular rehab, visual rehab, mobility and coordination exercises, balance training, proprioceptive rehab, and more.

What We Do For Dizziness and Vertigo Care?

Why Choose Us?

Don’t let dizziness or vertigo interfere with your life any longer. Contact Socal Brain and Spine Center today to schedule a consultation. Our team is here to provide you with the highest standard of care and to guide you through your diagnosis and treatment. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we are committed to your success on the path to finding relief from your dizziness and vertigo.